All Star Cheerleading is a demanding, high-energy sport that requires a strong work ethic and dedication. It is a serious commitment not only to the program, but also to the other members of the Athlete’s team. Because of the level of skill required, it takes months to prepare for competition and attendance is mandatory.  If you want a program that will challenge your Athlete to be better, to get stronger mentally, physically and push through his/her limits, Dynamic Cheer is the program you seek.  If you have and additional questions, feel free to call the office during business hours or contact Sara (

All Star Cheerleading Level 1

All Star Cheerleading Level 1 is the first step young Cheerleaders take in the sport. Most Cheerleaders competing at this level have never cheered before or have not cheered for long. The goal at this level is to provide introductions to basic stunting, jumps, and dance. While the tumbling passes are simple in All Star Cheerleading Level 1, they lay the right foundation for more advanced tumbling.

All Star Cheerleading Level 2

All Star Level 2 Cheerleading is the next level for advancing cheerleaders. Cheerleaders in this level generally have more than one year of Cheerleading experience, usually with a Youth Sports, Middle School, or High School Team.  Athletes will need to have mastered the Back Handspring. The energy level required to execute the routines is starting to increase so conditioning is key. Slightly more complex dance sequences and tumble passes become part of the package for Cheerleading Level 2 teams and flyers begin to earn the title with basic Basket Tosses.

All Star Cheerleading Level 3

All Stars Level 3 Cheerleading is the intermediate level for advancing Cheerleaders and the first level on the road to Elite Cheerleading. This is where great Cheerleaders separate themselves from recreational Cheerleaders. The Cheerleaders in this level normally have had several years of Cheerleading, including All Star experience and they have mastered the Back Tuck. Flyers are allowed to do a bit more in-flight stunting with Toe Touches, Ball-outs, and Full Downs as part of the stunt arsenal. This Level demands greater strength, flexibility, and endurance than Level 1 and Level 2. If a Cheerleader has mastered the Back Handspring and is making progress toward the Back Tuck, s/he can train with a Level 3 team so long as a consistent Back Tuck is obtained by competition time.