Welcome to Dynamic Cheer. If your child is new to cheerleading, or has done it previously we are the place to learn new skills and also get that special feeling of being part of a team. Each child enrolled in our cheer program is expected to register for TWO classes (either Cheer 101 or 201 AND Tumbling for Cheer) per week regardless of their skill level. Athletes can enter our Cheer 101 program without any previous experience.

Cheer 101

In Cheer 101, athletes begin to master the basics of cheerleading, and focus on achieving basic skills in motions, stunting, dance, jumps and work to improve their tumbling form and flexibility.  Athletes will also work on their strength, coordination, flexibility and balance. Each athlete will be assessed throughout the class to prepare them for our future cheerleading programs. Perfect for ages 5-12.

Tumbling for Cheer

The second class, tumbling for cheer, will focus on tumbling. This class is a group setting regardless of skill level. Coaches will divide the athletes and work on individual skill as well as tumbling together.

Cheer 201

Once your child is ready for the next level, he/she will move into our Cheer 201 program. Athletes will continue to participate in the tumbling class and coaches will being to focus on the criteria outlined but the US All Star Federation. No matter the current skill level of your child we hope to help inspire your child to achieve their personal best!