Annual Per Family Registration Fee:

Yearly fee of $50.

Household Discount:

Households registering more than one family member will receive a 10% discount for each subsequent family member after the first member is registered.

Withdrawal Policy:

Each student is enrolled until a parent or guardian gives us written consent to drop class.  If the schedule no longer works for you, simply email or call 703-469-1825 by the 15th of the month and we will remove your child from the class and cease billing for the class.  We do not issue a refund/ credit if you withdraw earlier in the month and there are classes remaining. Your tuition is based on enrollment (guaranteed spot) and not reflective on attendance. There are no refunds/credits for students who decide to stop class mid-month. Exceptions are for those with proper documentation of relocation orders or medical notes.

Refund Policy:

Tuition is not refundable unless Dynamic Gymnastics cancels a class for the remainder of the session.  If a student decides to voluntarily drop out of a class they are still responsible for the full tuition.  If Dynamic Gymnastics cancels a class, you have the option to receive a refund or receive a credit on your account good towards tuition within a certain time period.  If unused by the end of the next session, all credits will expire.  Household credits are not transferable to other households, and must be used within the same household. Only documented medical circumstances that prohibit a student from taking a class will be considered for the application of a credit towards the next session.

Make Up Policy:

Dynamic Gymnastics does not offer make-up days. Safety is our primary concern at Dynamic Gymnastics. Dynamic Gymnastics has ensured the correct staffing for specific times, and students transferring or making up days would not make safety optimal for students or staff. If you have any questions regarding the make up policy, please contact us at (703) 469-1825.

Inclement Weather Policy

Dynamic Gymnastics follows the Arlington County Public Schools weather closings and delays. If Arlington Public Schools are closed, Dynamic Gymnastics will be closed.  In the case of a 2 hour delay, Dynamic Gymnastics will open at noon. We will do our best to offer open gym vouchers or create a special open gym for gymnasts who missed class due to inclement weather.

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